Somos Elefantes Bio:

Somos Elefantes is a 5 piece band from El Paso, TX. The band began in 2010 in a garage with a group of friends.  Lead singer Ivan Sandoval and guitarist Dominick Acquaviva had just left the band “The Kirk” to try something a little different. They wanted to make something that was completely theirs. They had a motto, “make simple beautiful music.”  For this, they got two like minded friends, drummer Alex Sarabia and keys player Carlos Azcarate. Somos Elefantes’ original lineup was formed.  Later came Cesar Ortega who added another layer of complexity to the music. Playing in Dominick’s garage they made what their on looker friends described as “Cemetery Music.”  Later the band jokingly came to classify it as Goth Pop, although the actual genre of music is still up for debate. Somos Elefantes has played on and off since 2009.  January 22, 2016 they released their self titled debut EP. 

Somos Elefantes EP Tracklist: